Doctor’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer (Red)


A nebulizer delivers liquid or aerosol medications that help ease out difficulty in breathing for people who are having respiratory problems such as severe cough and colds, asthma and bronchitis. Nebulizers send medication right through the lungs, unlike systematic medications which takes time to pass through the gastrointestinal tract; nebulizers deliver medications very quickly directly to the respiratory tract.

Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer can help prevent respiratory problems from furthermore developing as well as treating an acute breathing emergency.

As designed, a nebulizer is absolutely the fastest and most efficient way to get medication in the lungs whether or not it is an emergency.

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What are the features and benefits of Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer?

  • Easy to Use Allowing Self-Administration

Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer has the ability to help provide relief or treatment at home given that you have the right prescription. This self-administered device is very easy to use without having to rely on anyone.

  • Very Portable

Made compact and portable which is easy to carry around when needed for traveling.

  • Provides Instant Relief

With the advent of Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer patients can get instant relief even in emergency situation as it is fast acting and can easily provide relief in breathing difficulties in just a short period of time compared to orally taken medicines.

  • Painless

Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer offers painless delivery method and very ideal for children and vulnerable patients.

  • Reduces Hospitalization

Having Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer at home can help reduce hospitalization in a great deal. Once a patient has the right medicine with a nebulizer at home, breathing problems can be easily treated.

Other Benefits:

  • Efficient in Targeting Medical Delivery – sends the medication directly, efficiently and quickly where it is needed the most—in the lungs. Systematic medication takes time as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract to the bloodstream making the delivery of medication slower. When DCC Nebulizer is used, it is quickly directed to the lungs for instant relief.
  • Prevents Respiratory Problem Complications – regular usage of nebulizers can help prevent breathing emergencies and respiratory problem complications from happening.
  • Have Less Side Effects – according to medical research, medicines administered by nebulizers have less side effects compared to oral and systematic medication. It also reduces the risks of long-term complications from steroids such as bone loss, weight gain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and infection susceptibility.
  • The motor is made up of pure copper – No need oiling
  • DCC Compressor Nebulizer has a Low Noise feature, making your nebulization experience more relaxing.
  • Materials used in DCC Compressor Nebulizer is made of high-quality ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) – a high quality lightweight plastic which has  a high temperature resistance, high strength, high durability properties.
  • During nebulization, DCC Compressor Nebulizer will produce very ultrafine particles which are very essential for drug absorption.
  • Overload Protection – DCC Compressor Nebulizer has a built-in overload protection system. Running more than security temperature, power will automatically cut off, making sure you and your family enjoys the nebulization time.
  • Built in Storage Space (for ATC-DC821BLUE only) – the large-capacity storage space is convenient to store the medication cup.

How to Use Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer:

  1. Make sure hands are cleaned properly.
  2. Connect the hose to the air compressor.
  3. Fill the medicine cup with the prescription medicine. To avoid spills, make sure to close the medicine cup tightly and hold the mouthpiece in its proper way.
  4. Attach the hose and mouthpiece to the medicine cup.
  5. Turn on the engine and place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Breathe into it until all the medicine or liquid has been used up.
  6. Turn the machine off when done.
  7. Wash the medicine cup and mouthpiece with water and air dry.

What are the illnesses that can be addressed by using Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer?

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Acute Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Emphysema
  • Pneumonia

 Warranty of Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer:

  1. Our company does not provide free equipment warranty for failures caused by personal reasons such as:
  • Failure caused by disassembling or refitting the product without authorization.
  • Failure caused by inadvertently dropping the product in the using or carrying process.
  • Failure caused by incorrect operations not in accordance with the user’s guide.
  • Failure caused by incorrect operations not in accordance with the regulations.
  1. Requirements for maintenance services, please contact the customer helpline.
  2. Maintenance for component is carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state.

Maintenance of Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer:

  • When necessary, clean the monitor properly by wiping it.
  • Do not put the monitor, plastic hose and mouthpiece in an environment with high temperature, humidity, moisture or direct sunlight.
  • Do not tightly fold the plastic tubes/hose.
  • Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the device or components.
  • Do not let the monitor receive strong shocks or vibration.
  • Do not use any abrasive or volatile cleaners.
  • Do not wash the device itself or immerse it in water.
  • Do not wash the plastic tubes and mouth piece with petrol, diluents or similar solvent. Use clean water and let it air dry before safe keeping.

Availability:                                                                                       Price/SRP:

  • Docteur’s Choice Compressor Nebulizer (Red)                       SRP 1,350.00

Note: FREE NEBULIZING KIT (Adult & Paediatrics) or every purchased of DCC Compressor Nebulizer

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