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Docteur’s Choice Arm-cuff Digital Blood Pressure Monitor  (ATC-AB512S WHITE)

3.1 inches LCD display with backlight

P 850.00

Warranty: 2 years

Features of Docteur’s Choice Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:

Intelligent and automatic

- Easy to operate device that provides accurate blood pressure measurement and heart rate.

2 user memory with up to 120 readings

-Suitable for 2 users, stores up to 60 memory each

Body detection movement

-Detects and prompts unnecessary body movements while getting your blood pressure

Irregular heartbeat tip indicator

-Warns when an irregular heartbeat is detected

Color coded WHO blood pressure classification indicator

-Identifies the range / level of blood pressure result based on the color code warning provided by the  World Health Organization

Automatic shut-off after 1 minute

-  Device automatically shuts off after a minute of not using it

High quality

-   Made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) – a  high quality lightweight plastic

-Has a high temperature resistance, high strength, and high durability properties

Clear LCD display and back light

-With crystal clear screen and back light feature which allows you to easily read the result in low light place

Dual source of energy

-  Device can be battery operated or directly plugged to an electrical power source

Automatic Voice Broadcast

-  Tells the blood pressure and heart rate in English language

Each box contains:

-1 Unit Digital Arm-Cuff BP Monitor

-1 pc. Arm Cuff (22 to 32 cm)

-1 pc. Air jacket

-1 pc. Carrying case / Pouch

-1 pc. Instruction Manual

-1 pc. Warranty Card


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Docteur’s Choice Arm-cuff Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (ATC-AB512S WHITE)