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Brand Name: Robust Gold Battery

Shelf Life: 10 years from the date of manufacture given that it is stored in a cool dry place.
Robust Gold Battery provides long lasting energy compared to other batteries. This contributes
convenience and practicality in the household, saving you the hassle of frequent replacements proving its


Category: Electronics

These batteries kill off the notion that affordable batteries do not give quality service. Robust Gold Battery
provides a long lasting power, made with quality materials to ensure maximum usage on a daily basis. Not
only does it deliver to your needs but also provides the reliability and responsibility like no other. Robust
Gold Battery is the perfect set for you and your family’s needs.
With excellence in battery technology, Robust Gold Battery ensures trusted battery power needs in the

Product Description

- Robust Gold Battery – Provides long lasting energy for devices for family use every day.
Essential for wall clocks, remote controls, household devices and battery operated toys.
How to use Robust Gold Battery?

- Dos

- Always use the correct size and type of battery in the device you’re using.
- Remove the batteries in devices that are not expected to be used for a longer period of time.
- Make sure to insert the batteries the correct way for device safety.

- Don’ts

- Do not attempt to recharge batteries that are not rechargeable.
- Do not open or smash the batteries in order to prevent exposure to chemicals.

How should you dispose Robust Gold Battery?

Separate batteries from your usual household trash by putting it in a separate disposal container.

How should you keep Robust Gold Battery?

- Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C
- Avoid exposing to direct sunlight.




- Robust Gold Battery; AA –    Pack of 2s                                                      SRP 66.00
- Robust Gold Battery; AA –    Pack of 2s per packs of 30s                       SRP 1,980.00
- Robust Gold Battery; AAA – Pack of 2s                                                      SRP 74.00
- Robust Gold Battery; AAA – Pack of 2s per packs of 30s                        SRP 2,220.00

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Robust Gold Battery