ATC Healthcare at Mercury Drug Foundation’s WALK FOR NCD AWARENESS 2017

On November 26, 2017 Mercury Drug Foundation held its 5th Walk for NCD Awareness at the UP Diliman Academic Oval, Quezon City to raise awareness about chronic non-communicable diseases (NCD) in our country and help promote health and well-being among Filipinos in which ATC Healthcare International Corporation joined.

ATC Healthcare—being every Filipinos’ trusted life ally, we support the promotion and awareness of preventing NCD through proper diet, regular exercise and supplements that focus on improving and protecting the body and all organs possible. It is important for all Filipinos to know the extent of NCD and how to prevent it.


  • What is NCD?
  • NCD stands for Non-communicable Diseases such as Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, Chronic Respiratory Diseases and Diabetes. These diseases, according to the World Health Organization are diseases of long duration and have slow progression.
  • What are examples of Non-communicable diseases?
  • Heart attack, stroke, cancer, chronic obstructed pulmonary disease, asthma and diabetes. All these are the top causes of deaths in the world.
  • How does NCD affect the world?
  • According to the World Health Organization, Non-communicable diseases account for 63% of deaths and more than 9 million of all deaths attributed to Non-communicable diseases occur before the age of 60 which is very alarming.
  • Who would likely have NCD? Men or Women?
  • Both men and women are equally affected by Non-communicable diseases.
  • What are the risk factors of acquiring NCD?
  • Risk factors include tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and harmful use of alcohol and drugs.












As your trusted life ally, we believe that ATC Healthcare International Corporation has the responsibility to provide information and aid in order to prevent health impairment caused by NCD.