Fighting Off Zika

As of February, there were 57 cases of Zika in the Philippines. Though the Zika news have simmered down a bit, it is still important to remain vigilant and fight off Zika before it hits you and your loved ones.

The Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and is resembles as a light flu. Zika may not look so dangerous at all but the long term effects of it may be really bad and scary. Women who get infected by Zika while being pregnant may affect the child inside. In some cases, children who gets infected by Zika while in their mothers’ wombs may have microcephaly so in order to prevent Zika, make sure you have powerful products that works effectively in killing mosquitoes!

One with remarkable feedbacks was the Strike Mosquito Killer Spray

  1. Being it water-based, it’s safer for people and pets. Aside from that, it doesn’t stick to furniture or stain anything inside the house or room.
  2. Unlike the usual mosquito repellents, this spray has no irritating smell. Instead, it has a carnation scent that is actually fragrant.
  3. It’s fast acting and very long lasting. You wouldn’t need to spray several times just to keep the mosquitoes away. One spray is enough and everything was taken cared of.

It is built in such a scientific way wherein the contents get emitted in UNIFORM quantity and amounts of all components, particles and ingredients come out fully CONCENTRATED which disperses quickly but stays in the area for a longer time. Compared to other insecticides, Strike Mosquito Killer Spray has a remarkable canister that allows maximum usage of contents while other brands may have faulty canisters and spray spouts that no longer spray with good quality as time goes by, this one gives a fine flow until the last drop with 99% atomization or fine mist in every spray!